February 25, 2008

You Are All Morons

The Clinton campaign released this picture of Obama today. Not officially, of course, but the timing is suspect. It was floated out there along with a whole bunch of other nasty shit. By framing himself as a new kind of politician, Obama put Hillary Clinton into a box. Every time she goes negative, she confirms that she is part of the old guard. I would bet that their assumption is to make the next week as noxious as they can, in an attempt to disgust people and drive down the vote. However, I think that this ploy is like a mouse struggling to get out of a glue trap. If this is where the Clintons are at, they are fucked.

Check out the photo. It was taken in 2006 and is of Obama in traditional Sudanese dress. Realize that by circulating this photo, the Clintons think that you are all stupid enough to conculude that Obama is a terrorist. Really, these people think you all are fucking morons.


brock said...

loving the blog and your sentiments on the whole campaign. got into the whole election process last year from reading "Confessions of a Political junky" and seeing just how absurdly ran the Mr. Bill ticket went down. keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Re: "Really, these people think you all are fucking morons."

Unfortunately, the Clinton campaign might be on to something, there. Last weekend, I overheard my girlfriend's dad say, "Obama? You mean oSama! It's just too close, man. That guy's definitely a Muslim." And sadly, this "thought" (and I use the term looser than your mom's pussy) isn't even his own- I know for a fact that's just some shit he heard at church- and that whole congregation is 100% sure to be casting their votes this November, which is a much higher percentage than our "congregation." Maybe we need to re-think that "every American has the right to vote" business...

Glad you're back to the political writings, Osamiano.


ultrafknbd said...

I dearly miss The Sac Comment and am glad to see you writing 'bout such matters once again. I digress - you are writing as such in Midtown Monthly but it's simply my sad attempt at a compliment.