May 5, 2008


Hey there. I've been writing, actually a lot. I've probably turned out a couple essays a week since the last post and some of them are A-OK. However, I look at the paper or listen to the news and then look at what I've written and think it is just more crap to pile on a huge pile of bullshit. Really, does the world need another person giving their opinion about Clinton and Obama? And, at this point, does what I have to say matter? Yeah, yeah, I am sure on some level it does. But, increasingly, not to me. I certainly do not find it hard to write about politics and trash media coverage, but to find humor in it? Nah, the more I write about it the more I feel beaten down and the angrier I get. I get angry at the candidates, the political machine, and the media. And I get angry at all the people who buy this bullshit. Hillary Clinton: Working Class Hero? Give me a fucking break. But people believe it. Or they talk like they believe it and are willing to carry on the lie. I am disturbed by the gullible, but I loath the cynical manipulation. To write about it means I have to concentrate on it; to concentrate on it means that I lose my sense of humor, that my wit degenerates to calling people idiots, which might be what they are and what they deserve to be called, but it is too easy, too reactive. Yeah, I can detach and get all analytical, break down what I see and theorize; but I am bored of that. It is too damn easy, not because I am smart, but because things are so obviously fucked up that anyone with a smidgen of honesty and a tad of critical thinking can slice and dice this shit. Plus, when I analyze the humor dries up and I can't do this without making myself chuckle from time to time. Without some sense of fun, it is a death march. So, I am going to take a hiatus. I have some ideas of how I want to continue this. It might be a different format and under a different name. I will keep this blog url so check back, I dunno, in a week or so. Hopefully by then some of these ideas will have gelled.